Side Roads (Continued!)

In a previous post I had mentioned the fun of getting away from the popular path and exploring new places. I do that every so often. I have quite a few different interests and enjoy seeing things from a fresh angle. This time around I was following a hiking trail in the Bonanza area of western Minnesota’s Big Stone Lake State Park.

Heading deeper into the woods, I found the cool midday shade that brought with it the gentle burble of a small creek tumbling under a footbridge.

Stopping and looking around I saw this little critter, soaking up some rays and warily watching as I knelt down for a closer look.

I expected a big leap and a disappearing act as I moved in, but that never happened. Perhaps some rarely exercised instinct reassured that I meant no harm. And maybe the “frog’s-eye-view”- just like mine that day – brought into focus a different perspective on our world. Every now and then, that’s something I think we can all appreciate.


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