Hot Rod Drag Week 2022

19-23 September 2022: Five days, four drag strips, more road trips. And only the strong survive.

Having been introduced to Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week in 2021, I had planned to join the entourage if the route ever made a return to this part of the country. Although this year’s event was originally scheduled to make stops at drag strips well to my south, a last-minute schedule change brought it back to the midwest so how could I say “no”? Three buddies and I hit the road to Byron Dragway.

Thursday: Day 4 of Drag Week found us at Cordova Dragway, Cordova IL. It was my first time there so before I dug out the camera I had to load up on track swag – you know, the souvenirs like t-shirts, hat, decals and such that I really didn’t need. From there it was off to the track, the pit area, the staging lanes, the burnout box, more pit area, and birds-eye views from the grandstands. Not a bad seat in the place.

Another year, another Drag Week in the books. I came home tired, sunburned and broke but the next time this five-day endurance test comes back to my neighborhood….. yep, I’m in!

One helluva show.


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