“Fall Out Drags” #6

The second leg of a five-day hotrodding roadtrip found us at Rock Falls Raceway, Eau Claire Wisconsin for the Meltdown Drags Association “Fall-Out #6”. Held September 17 & 18, it was a drag racing event just for 1966-and-older style (vintage) racers; a throwback to the days when front engine dragsters, nose-high gassers, competition coupes and vintage stockers ruled the quarter mile. Appearance criteria stipulates no modern wheels, wings, pro-mod or pro-stock styles. Guidelines are pretty closely adhered to. Although I did have the privilege of shooting photos at another Association event – the 2017 Meltdown Drags in Byron IL – I had never been to the Fall-Out. It was everything I expected.

September is the perfect time for an event like this, and Rock Falls Raceway, tucked away in Wisconsin’s pine-dappled countryside, is the perfect spot. One side note – the food served in the raceway’s on-site Pit Stop Grill is superb and reasonably priced as well. (I heartily recommend the pulled pork sandwich!) There was also a food truck serving authentic Tex-Mex that was just off-the-charts tasty. All in all, a great weekend of vintage racing. I’m gonna be back. You can count on it.

You can find Rock Falls Raceway online and check the upcoming racing schedule here.

And to see the Fall Out #6 full photo gallery, click here.


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