Shine ’em Up!


In the pre-digital age, there was film: twelve whole exposures on a roll. Every time I slung my hefty Mamiya twin-lens reflex camera out of its case, that’s what I worked with. So here, in the midst of indoor-car-show season, having just scanned through another photo website with over 400 photos of the Detroit Autorama, I’m wondering how we ever managed to be satisfied with just a dozen, maybe two, black and white photos of those local shows. Maybe that’s why those old photos are so precious. The one you see here is a shot of the show floor during the 1975 Toppers’ Rod and Custom Show in Fargo, North Dakota. It’s a limited-edition, one of twelve! To read part of the story on what we did there, you can go here.

Now’s the time to get primed for the driving season. Find yourself an indoor arena jam-packed with cool wheels. And don’t forget to take some pics!


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